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Whose voters are 'hidden' in polling data? 'Shy' Biden voters may actually outnumber Trump’sJust 20 percent of Trump voters with mostly Biden-backing neighbors say those neighbors would be surprised by their support for Trump. Among Biden voters in Trump country, however, that number is 10 points higher (30 percent).

9/18/2020 4:00:14 AM

Texas police officer charged in death of Pamela Turner, a Black woman whose killing was captured on videoA Texas police officer was indicted this week in the death of Pamela Turner, a Black woman who was killed outside her apartment more than a year ago.

9/17/2020 4:53:37 PM

Measures to control coronavirus have brought flu infections to 'historic lows.' Scientists want to keep it that way.Lockdowns and protective measures like the widespread wearing of face masks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have driven influenza infections to record lows, according to a new CDC study.

9/17/2020 1:22:16 PM

Letters to the Editor: If the L.A. County Sheriff's Department won't clean up its act, disband its unionAngering the people the department serves while stoking the pain fellow deputies is escalation, pure and simple. It has to end.

9/17/2020 12:52:49 PM

A Chinese virologist claimed the coronavirus was 'intentionally' released. Turns out, she works for a group led by Steve Bannon.A strange paper claims China engineered and released the coronavirus. Its authors work for a group once led by the former Trump strategist Steve Bannon.

9/17/2020 10:02:00 AM

Fact check: Fake Kamala Harris quote that 'our military are soulless cowards' is from satire siteSen. Harris never called the military "soulless cowards." The statement originated from a satirical site in 2019 and has previously been fact-checked.

9/17/2020 5:06:48 PM

Woodward on decision not to release Trump recordings early: ‘My God, I would have if I could save one life’Investigative journalist Bob Woodward joins Yahoo News Editor in Chief Daniel Klaidman and Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff to discuss his new book, “Rage.” In the weeks leading up to publication, Woodward has come under fire for not releasing audio recordings of President Trump privately acknowledging the potential severity of the coronavirus pandemic as early as February. He explains, however, that due to the nonlinear nature of reporting, it would not have been feasible to release the audio recordings early because of a lack of context.

9/17/2020 2:51:43 PM

Poll shows major decline in support for BLM movement across US over last three monthsPew Research Centre survey compared results from June and September

9/17/2020 1:33:07 PM

Wilfred might form in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday. It’s the last name on the list.If the system turns into Wilfred, it would be the 21st named storm.

9/17/2020 6:24:34 AM

As Trump courts Black voters, critics see a 'depression strategy'While the president’s team touts its efforts to court a community that Republicans have long ignored, critics describe them as part of a cynical “depression strategy” designed to minimize Black American turnout.

9/18/2020 5:57:38 PM

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The larger issues around China’s technological rise aren’t going away.

9/18/2020 12:01:04 PM

Anyone who's seen David Lynch's 1984 film knows Frank Herbert's book doesn't translate easily to the screen.

9/18/2020 11:00:00 AM

A principled, hands-off approach to the internet was easier to defend in the 1990s. Today it makes no sense.

9/18/2020 10:29:39 AM

If you’re a Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T subscriber, these networks may save you a lot of money each month.

9/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

Poll workers, who skew elderly, are in short supply during the pandemic. Meet some of the young people trying to make up the gap.

9/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

The show attempts to address flaws in the health care system—and in failing to do so, proves how much more attention mental illness needs.

9/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

In the beginning, there was ESPN+, then Disney+. Now that CBS All Access is becoming Paramount+, it’s time to call a moratorium.

9/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

Plus: U2’s iPod partnership, the public sector’s need for tech minds, and unwelcome hurricane visitors.

9/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

Blazes on the West Coast are spewing a haze clear across the country. Along the way, the complex chemistry of what we inhale gets even more complex.

9/18/2020 7:00:00 AM

This week, we break down Apple’s latest announcements, from new hardware to its push into bundles and home workouts.

9/18/2020 7:00:00 AM



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